Classic almost care free summer annual. Beautiful full clusters of flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds love.

Impatiens Photo Gallery October 30, 2008

Impatiens Photo Gallery

Most of the photos are taken from the website Proven Winners simply because of the absolutely unbelievable amount of the varieties they carry.  Do visit their website, it’s amazing.

Infinity Series


Scarlet             Orange Frost    Pink Frost       Infinity Blushing

Jelly Bean Series


Cherry Rose          Orange                Rose                     Red

Little Lizzy Series


Cherry Butterfly            Orange                          Orchid Butterfly


White                            Violet Star                    Pink


Salmon                           Rose                            Violet


Orange Nova                 Cherry                           Red

Double Up Series


Red Bi-Color                    Double Up Apple                Salmon


Violet Bi-Color                  Peach                              Peach  Frost          


Passion                             Rose                                   Pink


Bridal Pink                       Violet                                    White

This is just a sampling of the beautiful and complete collection you will find at the Proven Winners gardening website.